Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi from Gettysburg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just an update on our trip,we are in Gettysburg and really enjoying ourselves. Went to Chambersburg to Hobby Lobby and was able to get about 5 Lizbeth thread that I didn't have, but that was all.
Today we went to Harper's Ferry that was a really lovely place to visit, bought a couple of things there I will take a photo later of all of my goodies and blog about that later. After Harper's Ferry we went to Burnside's Bridge. So we had quite a full day D.H has just gone to drive around to Big Top or is it Little Top  not sure which to see the sunset. Anyway that is it for the day I am going to relax for a bit now.


  1. Gettysburg is amazing, glad you are enjoying yourselves. Always a nice thing to find thread.

  2. happy to know you are having great time!!enjoy vacation!!

  3. What a fantastic holiday!

    Sadly though, you are missing the start of some very lovely weather in Australia (but then, you probably experience lovely weather on a frequent basis in Brisbane ....... )