Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Tea Cozy!

 Had to make a new Tea Cozy it's called Spring Explosion  I found it on this blog
 It took me the better part of this week to do it and I finally finished it today. I had a lot of fun doing it and also found the patterns for the flowers and leaves on various sites. I am also thinking of doing a Autumn Tea Cozy and have a few ideas in mind. But for now I need to practice some more spinning.


And this is the front view!
A side view!

And this one has a view of the back with the Teapot Button that I used!


  1. Hi Margaretha,

    You have a tea pot dressed to kill, at least your tea wont get cold too quick. Lovely pattern and great idea for the spring, I can see you doing one for every season.

  2. Lovely.. very creative.. look forward to seeing more from you.. :))

  3. Your knitting and your blog are charming! I do have a question .. I'd like to know more about the socks you posts on Sock a Month. I live in a warm climate and have never knitted such thick socks. Can you show them and explain how many stitches, size of needles, etc. Thank you!

  4. Very nice. Love the flowers and the colors. It came out great!