Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blanket and Socks!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I have finished Crochet Baby Blanket  for the great grandchild it was easy and quick patten to follow, I found it in one of Crochet Fantasy books. I used variegated and  plain yarn and then finished it in a Turquoise yarn edging. Next project will be the Snuggle Cocoons.

These are my crocheted socks and I find that they are not as nice as the knitted ones. So these will be undone so I can then knit them.
 Which brings me to the next picture of one finished knitted sock and the second one ready to be done.  I found this wonderful tutorial on how to knit these socks and this is the results. Not perfect but it is a start and I really enjoyed doing them and they are really warm and comfortable to wear. I want to make longer ones next time!


  1. Very pretty blanket. Too bad the crocheted socks didn't work out because they sure did look good.

  2. The knitted socks will be much more comfortable! Crocheted socks do not give at all, and they feel funny on the sole of your feet! The knitted ones look great!
    Fox : )

  3. TypsTatting,
    Your great grandbaby will love it. However you are still in for the toughest part of the job..snuggling with the baby. That is a priceless joy & you get to enjoy it as much as the baby will too. It is all lovely work.

  4. thats so funny, because last year i knit each of my kids socks, they just tried them on like last week because its been really chilly and the cuff barely fit over their heels, they begged me for some more socks by me and i said sure...boy i need to start that soon.

  5. the knitted sock looks great well done for your first knitting project. look forward to seeing dave wear a pair. totally impressed
    love diana

  6. Beautiful blanket for your grandchild, he/she will love it. great socks too Margaret