Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rainbow Babies!

Found this lovely knitted pattern for Rainbow Babies so I thought I can make this. Anyway didn't have the right size needles so off I went to the cheap store and bought a pair for $2.00 big mistake I ended up with a bruised thumb. So I ended up getting a decent pair what a difference that made, still have a bruised thumb but that will pass. I found this pattern on the web and it was designed by Jean Greenhowe, it's an easy pattern to follow even for a beginner like me. I used Autumn colours which seemed to have come up well, this is for my new grandbaby. Well I had better star loading the needles for a stuffed  toy for my great grandchild.


  1. TypsTatting,
    That rainbow baby is darling! I'm sure your new grandbaby & your great grandbaby will both enjoy them alot. You are spoiling them prim & propperly! You go Girl!! Thankyou for the warm comments on my blog. Happy Holidays,

  2. ooh lovely rainbow baby! sorry to hear about the bruised thumb but your grandbaby will love this rainbow baby i'm sure.

  3. Oh lovely colours and great rainbow baby, she makes some beautiful toy patterns, and I have done a lot of hers, sorry to hear about your bruised thumb I hope it soons gets better.
    Look forward to seeing the next one. take care

  4. Typs Tatting,
    I have given an award to your blog. Do visit my blog to collect it. :-)

    ~ Vinita