Friday, July 23, 2010


The book that I took a picture of  in the other day's Goodies  post was called Tatted Fashion By Teiko Fujito. It has some great tatting in it that I am hoping to try out. Also a Question to all of you tatting ladies, what tatting project do you take when you go out,  and what will it be when it is finished, is it a easy one to take?


  1. When my mind is spacey (most of the time right now) I use a simple pattern to make. Right now it's Hugs and Kisses by Ruth Perry. It's a never-ending project that will end when I run out of the
    I have that same book by Teiko Fujito, but haven't actually began anything in it. One when my mind stops flipping between the T.V., internet, kids, and

  2. It is usually a pattern I know well. Either I'm far enough along that I don't need to refer to a pattern, or it is simple to do, or it is a pattern I've done before. Sometimes I just take thread and shuttles and play. It may find myself doing something really simple or I may design something new. I just follow my whim.