Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Winners!!!!!!!!!

Okay I hummed and haaard all day and decided to take two names out of the hat. The first one being
Tatting-Marie so will you please email me you postal address, if you have a blog would love to see it.
Now the second one was drawn out for imagination and that would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane Eborall so  Jane could you please send me a email with your address as well. Then I can post you ladies
a small gift.


  1. Congratulations again Diane! Also to you big sister!

  2. It was fun watching your "picnic" develop. Many thanks.

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  4. I posted my pattern for the owl earrings on my blog, it's the 3rd comment.You also can go into intatters and go down to members patterns and find it there. I hope you enjoy it!