Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bleuette Crochet Doll!

Saw this crochet Bleuette Doll on Beth's blog which is and I just had to make her. She will eventually have more clothes made for her. Beth's dolls are just wonderful and easy to do!


  1. Hi, M!
    You make me feel like a "bad" Grandma! If my granddaughter saw what you are up to I would certainly get ' the look" from The Boss!

    Unfortunately, I cannot put the shuttles down and will NEVER do what you are doing! Too addicted to tatting. But I can admire your creative handiwork - and keep it a secret to myself!
    Fox ; ))

  2. Hi margaretha

    I like Fox better not show my grand daughter or she would want one, that's a lovely doll and I am sure you are going to make some wonderful clothes,

  3. Hi Typs!!

    Your doll is wonderful! Such a cute face, and lovely hair (my favorite part :-) Bravo!

    Beth (from byhookbyhand)