Thursday, July 12, 2012

A.G. Beaded Party Dress!

This is the beaded party dress that I crocheted for Amelia the pattern is bought from  I dyed the underskirt in a Persian Gold as I couldn't find the right colour to go underneath it.


  1. Hi Margaretha

    Beautiful, well done it looks gorgeous on the doll

  2. What a cute dress! And am I seeing crocheted socks and shoes? You've been rather busy! American Girl dolls are a clever concept. My two nieces had them, and I made sweaters and skirts. I wonder where the dolls are these days, as my nieces are now 24 and 21!

  3. Just Beautiful, she's such a pretty doll as well!

  4. Very pretty, Mags! Love your work...I think you are fast becoming a professional!
    Your package was mailed on the 13th...the very next day, can you believe it? Mags???? Are you still there? haha.
    It was so good talking to you, thank you for being such a great friend.
    Let me know when you receive your goodies!
    Love you,