Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wash Day Cozy!

Had to make this cozy, it was a really fun knit if you look at the bottom picture there is a cat there which I added .This cozy is from a book called Tea Cozies  2.


  1. Love your wash day teacosy, too cute. Love the photo of your kitty in a box. I love fostering kittens for the hurricane pet rescue as I have no kids, they give me so much joy.
    Just crocheting some cell phone covers for my mom and mother-in-law for their Tracfone SVC phones for seniors I bought for mothers day. They've got big keys and letters on the screen ($15, $7/mnth service). Orange cotton crochet pouches with pink cotton crochet roses on. Simple gifts, but pretty and personal.
    What are you readers making for mothers day?

  2. Hi margaretha,

    Lovely tea cosy, not seen one with a washing line before. Brilliant and unusual idea.
    Hope you are keeping well.

  3. I love your cosy, it's fun and cheery, well done - Jen.

  4. Talk about making tea time fun. This is absolutely adorable. Great knitting, you are very good!