Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 2!

Okay here is the second lot of goodies that I bought it is Peaches and Cream and Sugars and Cream Cotton thread and I plan on making Dish cloths and Swiffer cloths with it. We also went to Ghettysburg, Chattanooga and Corinth as D.H is a Civil War Buff so he does his thing and I do the shopping.


  1. ...you are killing me here! I LOVE LOVE cotton yarns!!! They make great shawls!!!


  2. Do I understand that you've made TWO trips to the USA, only a couple of months apart? And you again went to Gettysburg and other places, not exactly around the corner from each other! I'm exhausted just thinking about it!!

    You must be around my age, as I notice we have similar interests in 'older' music/rock 'n roll!
    But I have nowhere near the energy you do! Ironically, our one trip to Gettysburg was back in Aug. 1977, the weekend Elvis died!

    Bet your kitty misses you when you're away! And I believe you're heading into summer! Although I'm not crazy about snow, I'm finding I'm not tolerating the heat as well as I did when I was young! I've decided that Fall is my favorite season!

  3. Gosh was there much left in the shop, that should keep you going for a little while, beautiful cottons and lovely colours, I will be interested to see what you make with those.

  4. What a great find! Unfortunately, the factory that made Peaches n' Cream was near us and closed down earlier this year. Buy it while you can find it! Sally