Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm Back!

Finally home and so glad to be home we had a great time in N.Z the scenery was spectacular! I also got to go to where they make the Ashford Spinning Wheels great place.
 Anyway there were a few packages waiting for me when we got home so I will show you one today. This one is from my little sissy in the U.S. I got a couple of Spin Off Magazines some Locking Stitch Markers which I needed a beautiful pair of Stork Scissors which came in a sweet crochet holder two dishcloths and last but not least my Berroca Metallic Sock Yarn which I totally love the colours are stunning so now I must find that special sock pattern!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 So thanks little sissy I just love my gifts.


  1. Ooh, you came home to find TREASURE in your mailbox. Congratulations on receiving such FAB goodies.

  2. Welcome back! And those yarns look very yummy!!!

  3. Welcome home, I am glad you had a lovely trip to New Zealand, what a lovely surprise when you got home, I hope you enjoy playing with your new goodies