Sunday, January 2, 2011


Had to start on another pair of socks as we will be going
to New Zealand in May for a week, and I figure I will need
at  least four pair or more of warm knitted socks. I will also
make hubby a pair as well, as he does suffer from cold feet.
 These socks have an easy pattern for me to follow and they are a treat to knit. I also made myself some knit stitch markers the four on your left will be going to my mum and sister. I really like them as they dangle quite well  and add a bit of an interest to the knitting!


  1. Such pretty socks and stitch markers! Applause to you, as I have only ever successfully knit ONE toe-up sock. Never even completed it's mate.

    Will you be adding tatting to any of the socks or would that make them too frilly?

  2. I found some of my sock yarn stash today in the sewing room. I almost started some socks... it's a little tough when I can't find the needles! ; )

    I love your stitch markers!

  3. Love your socks I have been thinking of knitting some..great work
    Joy in OZ (Australia)

  4. Very pretty yarn and markers, I would imagine that they make knitting so much more fun.

  5. I hope by May it will be warm, but there again I am in the UK and we had a thin layer of snow today, I think the warm socks are needed now. I love your knitting markers, now that is something very interesting, I just use a piece of coloured wool different to the colour I am using. May I ask how you made them?
    I look forward to seeing your new pair of socks.

  6. Your socks will turn our so pretty in that yarn. I love that pattern. Nice stitch markers--your mom and sister will love them.