Saturday, October 2, 2010

Update on the Tatted Runner!

Okay first of all thank you all so much on your thoughts on the colour for the runner. I have decided on a solid
green as the variegated was not working out. There was too much Ecru which came out on the rings and I didn't think much of that. So the Lizbeth#20 is 684 Medium Leaf Green. So now I have to tat 74 of these motifs and then put it all together done two already.


  1. ...hey those are pretty! Good choice! Always go with what you like... especially since you will be creating many of these lovely motifs!!!

  2. That looks very nice! Your mom will be thrilled.

  3. How beautiful. Your mom will love this.

  4. I definitely agree - solid is more eye-catching than the variegated!

    It looks so lovely!
    Nice work!

  5. I'm curious how this runner is put together. It looks like the motifs are tatted in strips, then connected by chains. Are the individual motifs connected to each other by one picot on each side? I can't quite tell by the photo.

    It's a very clever design, and I like the colors you've chosen. This will make a cherished gift!

  6. Thanks for your comments I do like the solid better!
    Kathy the motifs are joined in strips and the they are all joined together with chains!