Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dragon Fly

First of all sorry about the stuff up of my previous post it was supposed to have been deleted! Now I also bought Omega #100% Nylon my question to you is, has anyone used this thread for tatting and what did you tat? as I was told by a shop assistant that it could be used and as you can see I bought about 8 cones.
 While I was in the U.S  I saw a tatted dragon fly that Umintsusu had designed, so while I was in the motel room one afternoon I decided to try it. I was quite surprised that it took me about an hour to do, and it was quite an easy pattern to follow, thank you Wendy for sharing a wonderful pattern. I used Lizbeth #20, 132 Tropical Punch.


  1. STOP!!!! Stop this torment of your teasing!! LOL!!! Just kidding! All of those are so yummy to touch! Your dragonfly is so adorable!

    I am excited to see all what you will create with all the goodies!!!

  2. Good-looking dragonfly. Yes. it is a lovely little pattern - I have two of these waiting for the hats, for my grand-babies. More masculine compared to the usual tatted motif, don't you think? I hope the boys like them.

    I have tried that kind of fibre but will wait for you to try it so we can share our results! Better to have no pre-conceived ideas! Do let us know what you think - pretty colours you have there.
    Fox : )

  3. Each dragonfly has its own character. Yours is lovely. I like the orange tinge in the tip of the wings. Do share about the Omega nylon when you have tried it. Would love to know how it tats up.

  4. Morning
    Beautiful dragonfly and lovely colour, I think thats one of them I order, yes I finally found a shop in this country thats sells the thread after ordering in US but postage was more than the order and they gave me a web address in the uk. now awaiting for my order of beautiful thread and colours. I have not tried Omega thread so please share your results with us when you have used those lovely threads you are showing us. Have a nice day Margaret

  5. I have tried the Omega to tat with. I made one of Mary Konior's spiral glass mats. Because it is heavier and stiffer than most of the threads I've tatted with, I found that it hurt my hands to work with. But I have the same problem with size 10 cotton. I might try it again- there are som bright, fun colors, but it has to be a project with no deadlines so I can work on it in short sessions.

  6. WOW! Look at those yummy new toys you got! I hope you enjoy them all! Where did you get your Omega thread? I've never seen it come on a cone like that. Where I've gotten came on a ball. COOL! :D Have fun! :D
    ~TattingChic ♥