Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Bit of Tatting!!!!!!!!!!!

Saw these cute dolls and bought three of them. They have different facial expressions this is one of them, they are called Ittsy Bittsy Babies. I am going to crochet outfits for them and then applique some tatting on the clothes, can you see the tatted motif? and also crochet a Bassinets that turns into a carry bag and give them to my grand daughters as gifts. So I will be busy crocheting also stared a baby afghan as well, will be  post pictures as I go along so not a lot of tatting happening at the moment. My grand daughter has claimed my Alpaca Bear she says that I am looking after it for her as I will not give it up just yet!!!!!!!!


  1. what a great bit of inspiration for our future tatters and fiber artists! Fun. j.

  2. That's cute how you have it displayed! I like the little trunk/purse thing next to it, too!

  3. Lovely I am sure she will love it, Margaret