Monday, September 27, 2010

Stumpy Whumpy!

Seeing as a few people raved about this Tatted piece I thought that I would try it. I found it a treat to make and also easy. I used size #10 Lizbeth Thread  127 Butterfly Breeze. Well I had better get on as I have to undo some crochet socks that I started have found that I have less stitches that I thought I had, they must have gone into hiding on me.
Only a day to go till I draw the Giveaway so if you haven't put yourself down do so now as tomorrow is our Wednesday!


  1. Ooh! Pretty color! I don't have that one... guess I might have to try and find some. I just finished one in Gutermann Sulky... finer thread than I'm used to using. I worked pretty well, so I may go Sulky shopping.

  2. Lovely thread color! It's so springlike-- hey, it is spring where you are, isn't it!