Thursday, August 26, 2010

Doily !

Thought that I would try crocheting this doily as I wanted to do something different it is not a hard pattern but just a bit fiddly. Anyway I have one more Hummingbird to make for the other side and then the Pineapples to join it together. I am using the Lizbeth#20 and it is crocheting up quite well.
I also have a couple of other nice Doily patterns that I want to do. The Doily pattern can be found on just scroll to the patterns in the side bar it is the one's called Doilies with Motifs.
This time next week Friday my hubby and I will be on the plane to America with an overnight stop over in Seoul Korea. Then flying into Washington for a couple of days and then we are going to Fort Sumter as David loves the Civil War thing also we are going to Gettysburg for a few days as well. I just love that place with its quaint shops and Antique shops as well. So the count down begins, I am also near to my 100th post, and there will be a giveaway.


  1. That looks really interesting! Where's the pattern from?

  2. That's cool! I'd like to know where the pattern is from too. My mom would love that doily.

    1. Bonsoir
      puis-je avoir le patron s.v.p.
      il est très beau merci France

  3. Very pretty crochet! I love to escape back to crocheting once in awhile too.

    Your trip to Fort Sumter and Gettysburg sound great - I love things of the Civil War era also - and the antique shopping will be fabulous!

  4. Thats very pretty. The colors are beautiful.
    I've always wanted to make that doily....but I have so many other distractions!

  5. Thats beautiful! The colours are so lovely! I'm really looking forward to see the finished doily. ♥♥♥

  6. Lovely crocheted doily. Have a good trip to the US.

  7. Lovly doily I hope you enjoy your trip to the USA, Margaret

  8. That is just beautiful!!!

    Have a safe trip! :-)

    -Stephanie Grace

  9. Oh these are lovely, so delicate and ladylike...very pretty..and the hummingbird..I have never thought to try anything like it..I will stop at the link you provided. Save trip and good time, Welcome to America...I hope you enjoy your stay.

  10. Wow! I had to double check your profile, and as I thought, you live in Australia! That's quite a long trek via Korea! And you'll be in our neck of the woods, so to speak - in the Pennsylvania / Washington,D.C. area. But Ft. Sumter is quite a distance away in South Carolina - in Palmetto Country! Hope you have time to get over the jet lag! Have a great trip, and keep us posted!