Sunday, August 1, 2010


I am so annoyed with myself I started tatting this bookmark that Jeff kindly put the pattern on his blog, and I am going great doing the last lap. And then I find I made a big mistake I followed the directions, and did all the Reverse where indicated and then find I went wrong some where!!!!!!! Don't know where! so I thought I ain't undoing this. It has been put away so it is out of sight and out of mind. I used Lizbeth #20 151 Angels Love.


  1. Oh dear, if at first you don't succeed....don't give will look really nice.

  2. grrr.... don't you just hate that! Into the bin, I say! Just start fresh and get that one out of your life and your sight forever!
    Every tatter in Tat-land is well-acquainted with the emotional response. We may not share world views, philosophies, political viewpoints or child rearing methodologies, but we have all been in this very uncomfortable place!
    Fox : )

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
    You have got a grrrreeeat blog ! Loved your tatted projects. And .... i think we've got the same taste because I love those scenery images on your sidebar! I too collect a lot such pictures... ha ha! Keep up your good work.
    Have a good day!


  4. Hi Blog Neighbor...thanks you for stopping by my place,it is so nice to meet you..I hope you'll stop by again. Tatting..long ago it was something I had considered learning, but never did. I'm not sure I could even find a shuttle at the craft store here. I suppose I could get one off the net somewhere. Is it hard to learn?
    It produces such lacy items, very pretty.

  5. Oh dear not your day, looks a nice pattern hope you have another go at it. Margaret

  6. I love what you did, and sometimes the mistakes bring us new visions. Don't put it in the bin yet, keep going on this side and then finish the other, that way you will have wider version of this bookmark, or even nice looking calf bracelet :)) Just a thought. I rarely put stuff aside, make lemonade with any lemon you've got :)) cheers

  7. You weren't doing too bad. From what I can tell, you did an extra repeat of the first set of **s. That's why you ended up on the wrong side when you started the second end. You should have seven chains on each side, plus two on each end. I do hope you try it again. Good luck!


  8. Thanks for the comments, I will definately give the bookmark another try later on.