Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Hint!!!!!

So the next hint is wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just joking there is no last hint you will just have to keep guessing!
Perhaps you might be on the right  track  perhaps not. "Have fun"


  1. Is it a squirel or maybe a small fox? The top suggests an animal of sorts...hmmmmmm

  2. Could this be a tiny kitten? (without a tail)

  3. Aha! A bear from the woods! A woodland bear!

  4. Whatever animal it is it's obviously 'armless!!!!!!! No legs at all!!!! So, this is a no eyed, toothless, armless bear who is lonely living in the woods on it's own. Beggars belief how a bear survives like that anyway.
    This has been SUCH fun I don't want it to end.