Friday, May 21, 2010

Installment 2!!!!

Okay here is the second part of my tatted piece the next hint is WOODS!!!
So put your thinking caps on and have fun guessing!!!!


  1. Picnic, woods? This has got to be the start of a dragon that lives in a wood who is going to come out roaring and spitting fire. Then it will eat up all your tatting, get stomach ache and die an unnatural death at your feet!!!!!!

  2. Don't pay any attention to Jane. She's just trying to distract you so that you won't notice brain cell #3 is malfunctioning.

    I think it's a magic wildflower whose pungent aroma attracts the fairies of the universe who make sure all your tatting is perfect!

  3. Darn that Gina!!!!! Must admit that brain cell # 3 is having a holiday - not malfunctioning. Well, I don't think so!!!!

  4. It's a BEAR that is uninvited to the picnic but smells the good food!