Thursday, February 4, 2010


other day, with some crochet cotton as I need to make some more dishcloths.
Can't stand using sponges and these not only looks good in the kitchen with there pretty colours
but you can also  add a bit of tatted  pieces to them as well!!!!
  So my question to all of you is!!!!
What sort of dish cloths do you use?


  1. I knit all my dish cloths... can't stand sponges, and commercial dish cloths are too flimsy!

  2. I haven't heard of dish clothes being home made like this. I like the colours.

  3. What fun colors. You know, I made small size 'face cloths' out of bamboo yarn and my daughter loves them when her nose is too sore for tissues. Who would have

  4. Homemade dish cloths like those just dont exist this side of the pond, must admit to being a sponge girl! I have always been fascinated by the books of designs for making dishcloths and wondered what they actually were!

  5. I knit mine from Kitchen Cotton or SugarNCream, and at this point I use the Grandmother's Favorite pattern almost exclusively. It works well and stands up to lots of hard wear.