Thursday, January 28, 2010


Okay! thought that I would show you where I house  my Tatting supplies!!!
                       I had them in a plastic container and it looked quite untidy, so I bought the 10 drawer
                               frame and it has loads of room for when I get all of my threads.  So where do all of you 
ladies in Tatting land store your goodies in?


  1. That's a nice little storage area. At the moment my thread is sitting in a Celebrations chocolate container that was empty after Christmas. It's one of the big round ones styled on the old tins though it's firm plastic with a resealable lid.

  2. Right now I have a very basic IKEA shelf in the kitchen (kinda crazy, but handy) which has all my tatting and sewing stuff as well as my machines. I found canvas bins to put on the shelves and keep it (somewhat) organized. It's my favorite 24 cubic feet in the house!

    I like your storage unit. It's nice looking. And is it on wheels? 'Cause that would be extra sweet!

    :) Ann

  3. Mine is a little different. Since I go to my 'Tuesday Tatting' group weekly, I have a Rubbermaid rolling cart. I also have a "Tote-ally cool! On-the-go-tote." In it I have: shuttles, crochet needles, bead supplies, and any and all supplies! Thread is in 'snapware' containers. Able to add to it when nessasary. Books and patters are in a file folder. I even have my cup/tea in a nice little tote! It all fits nicely into the cart and easy to move around. Ready to go when I am, to tatting group or a week-end RVing at the lake.

  4. What a great storage idea! I have my thread stash under my bed in long flat plastic containers.

  5. Your organiser is lovely.

    I have some large plastic food storage containers and I put each ball of thread goes into the correct container according to my own cataloging rules (Hmm, this sounds a bit controlling doesn't it? Perhaps I shall just mess them up on purpose......).

  6. Your drawers are great, I keep my thread in little sets of wooden drawers. I love the applique house that you have in the background.