Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 7

Well here is my TIAS Day 7 I'm really enjoying doing this. Can't wait to see it finished!!!!!!!


  1. Just noticed you use the Birch shuttles. I have one which I bought from Spotlight. Cannot get use to it. Do you have any tips for using this shuttle? I normally use the Clover and Sewmate shuttles. My fav is the David Reed Smith 2.5inch with wooden spike.

  2. The TIAS looks a bit like a fuschia when it's laid out the way yours is.

  3. I like the colors you are using! I am enjoying watching the TIAS unfold! :)

  4. Nice to see another Aussie tatter somewhere!!!
    Your blog looks really good.
    I applaud you for doing the TIAS - I can't even get it started and I am WAY too impatient to wait for the next bit.
    Well done.